January 12, 2020 at 1 PM EST (18:00 GMT)

NEW YORK CITY – THE EPICENTER OF THE HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC – a live streaming lecture by Chris Jennings, author of:

  • Understanding and Preventing AIDS (used for staff education at the Walter Reed Army Medical Institute – the hospital responsible for the President of the United State; Massachusetts General Hospital – the hospital affiliate with Harvard Medical School; and favorably reviewed by the New England Journal of Medicine)
  • HIV/AIDS:  The Facts and the Fiction
  • HIV/AIDS in South Africa:  The Facts and the Fiction (winter of the Will Solimene Award for Excellence in Medical Communication by the American Medical Writers Association).

In the first of a series of lectures, Chris Jennings will summarize the findings presented in the first portion of his book, HIV/AIDS:  The Facts and the Fiction. This book, and its companion HIV/AIDS in South Africa:  The Facts and the Fiction, summarize a meta-analysis of the medical and scientific literature based on 3,000 bibliographic references.

“The scientific literature is clear,” states Chris Jennings, “New York City is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic; the theory that HIV came from monkeys is a fallacy – a false theory that arose from laboratory contamination at the Harvard School of Public Health; and the African AIDS epidemic-as-holocaust never manifested.”

An entertaining and informative lecturer, Chris Jennings presented a lecture entitled “Uses & Abuses of AIDS Research” at the Harvard School of Public Health (AIDS in the Minority Community, November 14, 1987) and has also lectured at a selection of churches and universities throughout the years.

The upcoming event, NEW YORK CITY – THE EPICENTER OF THE HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC, will be live streamed from a private presentation in Berlin, Germany.

DATE:  January 12, 2020

TIME:  1 PM EST (18:00 GMT; 19:00 Berlin Time)

WEB LINK:  To be Announced

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