HIV/AIDS — The Facts and The Fiction

Table of Contents


Abbreviations and Definitions


New York City – The Epicenter of the AIDS Epidemic

The First Legitimate AIDS Clusters

The First 1000 AIDS Cases

AIDS Migrates Overseas

AIDS Migrates to Europe


West Germany

United Kingdom


Hemophilia (Factor VIII)

AIDS Migrates to Africa

AIDS Migrates to the Caribbean


The Other Caribbean

The AIDS Epidemic Comes of Age

The Monkey Fallacy

The Contaminated Monkey Theory

The Homegrown American Monkey Virus

The Other American Monkey Viruses

HIV’s American Relatives

The Monkey Fallacy Propagates

The Chimpanzee Has No Clothes

The African Fallacy

The First African Patients – Diagnosed in Belgium

From Belgium to Zaire

From Belgium to Rwanda

The Literary Trilogy

HIV Antibody Testing – An Avalanche of False-Positives

The Avalanche

The Lack of Avalanche

The Pitfalls of Testing


Technical Issues

Concurrent Infections

The WHO Provisional Surveillance Definition

African versus Classical AIDS

Clinical Presentation

Aggressive Kaposi’s sarcoma

Slim Disease

Disease Transmission

Missing Infections

Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP)



Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Outliers – The Exception as the Rule

Prominent Outliers

Other Types of Immunodeficiency

When Hyperbole Equals Hypothesis

And then came HIV-2

Errata & Updates



Appendix – The Earliest Purported Cases of AIDS