Understanding and Preventing AIDS


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“Everything you always wanted to know about HIV/AIDS, but were Afraid to Ask!”


“Above all, it has the kind of practical information, laid out in a highly readable, straightforward, understandable terms, that is largely absent from every other book on AIDS.”


– The Pioneer Valley Advocate


“An excellent job in assembling an up-to-date, readable book for adolescents and members of the general public.”


– The New England Journal of Medicine

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“Simple language is used that is direct, scientific, and easy to understand, making Understanding and Preventing AIDS: a Book for Everyone a must for any collection looking to blend the latest scientific and health facts with an approach accessible to lay audiences and medical personnel alike.”


D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer – Midwest Book Review

Author, Chris Jennings, excels at writing scientific books precise enough for medical professionals but easy to read for the average person.

A former Massachusetts-certified teacher of Biology at Boston Public Schools with a degree in Biology from Harvard, Chris Jennings currently services the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and analytical industries as a freelance writer in addition to writing and publishing books about HIV/AIDS.

Understanding and Preventing AIDS describes in explicit biological detail how HIV is transmitted via sexual and non-sexually activities. The book is easy-to-read for anyone of sexually active age.

The book answers virtually any question on might have concerning HIV/AIDS by describing the virus, how it infects the blood cells, the biological mechanics of transmission, where the virus is found in the human body, and how the virus can be transmitted from one person to another. The book also describes in explicit biological detail why HIV can not be transmitted by insects or by casual contact.

And much more . . . !

In previous editions, Understanding and Preventing AIDS was adopted for staff education by Massachusetts General Hospital (the hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School), Walter Reed Army Medical Institute, other world-renowned hospitals; innumerable city and state health agencies; and adopted as a textbook at colleges, nursing schools, and public health schools, sold in medical bookstores, and used in high schools for sex education.

A Harvard Biologist explains in simple language:

  • How you Catch HIV/AIDS
  • How HIV/AIDS is Transmitted Sexually
  • How HIV/AIDS is Transmitted Non-Sexually
  • Symptoms of HIV Infection
  • The HIV Incubation Period
  • How to Get Tested – 24 Hour AIDS Hotline
  • How Long the HIV can Survive Outside the Body
  • Soaps and Detergents which Kill HIV
  • Why not to Wait for the AIDS Vaccine
  • Correct Condom Use
  • AIDS Prevention