My purview is HIV/AIDS. I’ve written and published 4 books on HIV/AIDS.

The first book, Understanding and Preventing AIDS – a 32-page booklet, was adopted for staff education at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the primary hospital of the United States military, the hospital that cares for the President of the United States. Rather than waiting 6 months for the government procurement procedures, the Walter Reed doctors went to their local gay book store (Lambda Rising, Washington, DC) to buy 400 copies for staff and patient education. One of many notable hospitals and municipal, state, and federal health care agencies that used the book for staff education.

The second book was a 242-page textbook version of Understanding and Preventing AIDS; based on the review of 2,000 scientific, medical, and professional journal articles. It was favorably reviewed by the New England Journal of Medicine and used as an educational text at hospitals, health care agencies, colleges, and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Given my knowledge of the literature, I was never satisfied with the narrative that grew around the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Returning to the medical library, I performed a meta-analysis of approximately 3,000 scientific and medical journals and composed the third and fourth books.

The scientific literature is clear: (1) New York City is the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; (2) the theory that HIV came from monkeys is a fallacy – the theory that HIV/AIDS originated in African monkeys arose from an incident of laboratory contamination; and (3) the African HIV/AIDS epidemic-as-holocaust never manifested.

My lecture, New York City – The Epicenter of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, documents the first tenet; illustrating the migration of HIV/AIDS from the United States to Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa as well as proffering other jewels of information.

Why is this Important?

The way I see the world, HIV/AIDS is not epidemic in Africa. Therefore, millions of pregnant African women receiving anti-HIV medications have exposed their fetuses to rather toxic medications for no possible benefit. A situation ongoing for 30 years.

The other notable consequences are the misdirection of nearly inconceivable monetary and societal resources into HIV/AIDS; the creation of parallel medical infrastructures not designed to address the prevailing medical ills of the populations at hand; the fiscal neglect of education and infrastructure; and the ongoing stigmatization of an entire continent.


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